Clean-Up Services

Spring Clean-Up

The receding snowbanks usually reveal leaves and nasty debris that has been hiding out for the past 6 months. It is much easier and better for lawn health to collect the debris before the lawn mowing season begins. We can remove unwanted debris from lawns, flowerbeds, or other locations. We can even haul it to a compost site if needed.

Fall Clean-Up

All of those beautiful fall colors can create a seemingly endless pile of work. Our John Deere mower does a fantastic job of mulching leaves providing your lawn an excellent natural fertilizer for the cold months ahead. If you have more leave than what your lawn can handle, we can collect them and make sure they find their way to a compost site.

Yard Waste Removal / Hauling

Schedule a yard waste removal service with us and be sure that unwanted yard waste makes its way to a compost site and not in a landfill.

Storm Clean-Up

Ice, snow, wind, lightning, and hail can all cause unbelievable damage to trees and landscapes. We are equipped and prepared to quickly respond to make your property beautiful again.

Beach Clean-Up

The view and the beach are why you bought your lakefront property. Whether you need some driftwood removed, rocks cleaned up, or regular beach raking, we can enhance your spectacular investment.

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