Lawn Care Services

Weekly Lawn Mowing

For those looking to have the best lawn on the block, mowing at least once a week is a must. Another key to a great-looking lawn is to mow it with a high-quality mower with sharp blades. This is why we invested in the highest quality mower in the industry and we put on a fresh set of sharp blades after every 10 hours of cutting to ensure a clean crisp cut. This service includes edging, trimming, and blow cleaning of grass clippings so your lawn can dominate the block.

Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing

This is a more economical and eco-friendly approach to lawn care. Bi-Weekly mowing is ideal for customers that do not have irrigation systems and/or have a drier soil composition which slows grass growth and reduces the need for mowing each and every week. This service can save you roughly 50% on your annual lawn mowing costs! Trimming, edging, and blown clean are all included so your lawn will still look beautiful all while saving money and the environment! Whether you want to save costs or help reduce your carbon footprint, this is a great option and is a very popular choice in the Traverse City area!

Value Plus Lawn Mowing

This service has been a very popular choice for customers looking to save time and money. If you just need your lawn mowed every two weeks and don’t need any trimming or edging, this is the most economical choice. You still get a professional service and look while saving money and the environment.

Grass and Weed Trimming

Weed whacking, weed whipping, weeding; whatever you want to call it, all yards need it! Included in your weekly or bi-weekly mowing service or as a stand-alone service for those tricky areas. We can do shorelines, fences, ponds, wood lines, ditches, or anything else in need of a trim.


Crisp lines are the difference between an okay-looking lawn and an amazing-looking lawn. Edging the transitions from grass to hard surfaces takes your lawn to the next level. Edging is included with our weekly and biweekly mowing services.

Hedges and Shrub Trimming

Regular trimming of hedges and shrubs can prevent new growth from getting out of control creating an eyesore. The crisp look from regular trimming (usually 2 times per year) drastically enhances curb appeal and promotes healthy growth.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is a necessary maintenance of trees and shrubs to ensure positive healthy growth. Pruning dead, broken, or other hazardous limbs also prevents costly repairs to vehicles and homes. We can remove these hazards usually fairly inexpensively.


Choose the desired color mulch you want and we will haul it and spread it anywhere you desire. Mulch is great for keeping the ground moist, keeping weeds from popping up, and adding nutrition to the soil. The right color mulch can really enhance your yard.


Dethatching is the process of removing or thinning the layer of grass clippings and other organic materials that have collected in your lawn. Around one-half inch of thatch is needed to promote a healthy lawn. This thin layer of thatch will help keep the soil cool and moist. A buildup of too much thatch will block air and moisture from entering your soil and make your lawn appear more yellow.

Core Aeration

Core Aeration is the process of pulling plugs of thatch and soil from your lawn. This will promote a healthier lawn by allowing air, moisture, and fertilizers to easily enter the soil and grass roots. This service is most beneficial when performed in the fall.


Overseeding is the practice of laying grass seed over an existing lawn. The new grasses fill in thin spots producing a thicker and greener lawn. This process is ideally completed immediately after core aeration because the seed will have a good chance of making direct contact with the soil.


Our philosophy on landscaping is to keep it simple, keep it clean, and keep it easy. Ideally, you want your landscaping to be welcoming and project warmth and happiness. These feelings are easily projected with simple landscaping. You can have the most extravagant landscaping in town, but if you do not keep it maintained and clean, it will project unwelcoming feelings. This is why we promote landscaping with little to no maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying the yard instead of working on the yard. We have also teamed up with several master gardeners with decades of experience to help create your happy place. We all love to give free advice to help make your yard more enjoyable to you. Please feel free to reach out anytime and we will try to help.

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