Winter Services

Snow Blowing

Snow blowing is the superior method of driveway snow clearing in northern Michigan. Our size-appropriate equipment is not only more eco-friendly, but is much lighter and easier on your driveway vs. heavier snow plowing trucks, and is nimble enough to tackle even the steepest driveways. Snow blowing will eliminate those unsightly, dirty, and dangerously tall piles of snow at the end of your driveway that you cannot see over when pulling out into traffic. Snow blowing also reduces the piles of rocks and sod left behind once the snow melts. By choosing our snow blowing service, you’ll get a crisp clean look while reducing the wear and tear to your driveway and lawn.

Snow Plowing

For those times when nothing will do except the scraping power of the plow. Our mighty little plow tractor produces big results!

Sidewalk Clearing

Did you know Traverse City requires its residents to clean the city sidewalks on their property? Let us take care of your liability and clear those sidewalks for you so you don’t get a costly ticket. We can snow blow, plow, or shovel your walks and porches. Add it to your driveway snow removal service or ask about it as a standalone service!


We have several salt options available if you require a pet or environmentally friendly product over a standard salt. We also have several different ways to broadcast the salt so we can salt surfaces big and small. One expensive trip to the emergency room can cost more than a lifetime of salting service. Protect your loved ones with a little salt. Have your driveways and sidewalks salted after each snow removal, or choose salting as a standalone service.

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